Providing protection for the users of bank products and services


The banking community has been concerned with the consequences of forgery fraud and identity theft, and the use of forged labour documents and as such continues to support the necessity of implementing some projects that target the protection of good-faith customers and the avoidance of some incidents which would affect the image and stability of the banking system.

The Romanian Association of Banks proposes to the authorities a number of concrete ways for institutional collaboration in order to provide efficient legal protection for the users of bank products and services, obviously with customers’ previous express consent.

The RAB shows special interest for the continuation of the actions to finalize the project on checking the authenticity of identity documents submitted by bank customers to get several bank products considered suspect. Checking their authenticity in the data base of the Directorate for Persons Record and Databases Management in the Ministry of Administration and Interior pertains to the protection of the interests of customers and banks by eliminating forgery fraud and identity theft. Assessing the impact of such action should lead to granting enhanced protection to goodfaith customers with their previous express consent.

Moreover, organizing a formal framework to improve lending by mitigating fraud risk and smoothing the lending operational process is one of the main concerns of the banking community.


RAB and National Agency for Fiscal Administration have concluded a collaboration Protocol via which banks can check the revenues of the applicants for loans-both natural and legal persons (with the applicants’ consent). The objective pertains to more efficient lending and the drop of bank fraud based on forged documents. Over 90% of bank fraud is based on forged revenue documents. There are 28 signatory banks and the project has been operational starting with the first semester of 2015.

The effects generated by enforcing the insolvency law have made the banking community request the organizing of a data base which should contain data about companies and, if their involvement was proven, with the administrators who abused the legal provisions in force as regards insolvency. The loan volume granted by banks and non-banks to companies under insolvency proceedings or to bankrupt companies amounts to € 3 billion.