The organizational structure

General Meeting

The General Meeting is the management body of the Association which decides about its activity, composed of all the members of the Association. Each member is represented in the General Meeting by one of the leaders of the credit institution.

The RAB General Meeting has the following responsibilities:

The General Meeting shall take place annually, on a date established by the Board of Directors, and whenever necessary, upon the request of the Board of Directors or following the proposal of 1/5 of the number of members.

The board of directors

The Board of Directors is the deliberative and decisional body which meets at least monthly or whenever necessary, made up of the representatives of the associates, elected from among the top management of the respective credit institutions.

A report on the agenda of the Board, the issues tackled upon and the decisions taken is sent, monthly, to all members of the Association, together with the summary of the association’s activity in the respective month.

The Board of Directors is composed of 7 members, with the following structure: a Chairman, a Deputy Charman appointed by the Board of Directors’ members and 5 other members.

The Executive President attends the meetings of the Board of Directors as a guest.

The Board of Directors is composed by the following persons:

Bogdan Constantin Neacșu

President of the Board of Directors
General Manager – Chairman of the Steering Committee, CEC Bank

Luminița Runcan

Vice President of the Board of Directors

Director General Adjunct Risc  Banca Transilvania

Maria Rousseva

Member of the Board of Directors

Director General BRD – Groupe Societe Generale

Ion Stan

Member of the Board of Directors

First Executive Vice President, Alpha Bank Romania

Cristian Agalopol

Member of the Board of Directors

Executive Director Central and Eastern Europe (DCC) CITI Bank

Mircea Busuioceanu

Member of the Board of Directors
Vice President of the Raiffeisen Bank Directorate

Cornel Theodor Stănescu

Member of the Board of Directors
Vista Bank First Deputy General Manager

President of Honour

The President of Honour is appointed by the General meeting of the Association from among the former Presidents of the Board/Board of Directors of the Association, with a long-term activity in the Association.

Radu Graţian Gheţea

Honorary President

Executive management

The Association has an Executive Management, which is assured by the Executive President, Mr. Florin Danescu.

Florin Dănescu

Executive president
The Executive Management has the following duties:
The Board of Directors can mandate the Executive President to represent the Association before national and international bodies.

Internal auditor

The internal auditor represents the internal financial control body of the Association who checks the manner in which the patrimony of the Association is managed and who carries out any other duties set forth by the legislation in the matter, the Charter or the duties established by the General Meeting. The internal auditor is selected by the General Meeting, having the following duties: